Many decisions make life a lot tougher than expected, I have had a decision where I either lose one friend or the other and there was no way out of it. Others make it 10 times easier to do other things. But I do consider decisions you make one of the biggest aspects of life which changes it for the better or worse. Decisions aren’t themselves are unknown but the outcome of those decisions are unknown, it is scary that to think the tiny yes or no you say could change the course of your life completely, kind of like … Continue reading Decisions


Everyone has friends, even is they don’t really think they have there is always someone who considers themselves as your friend. You’ll always have some sort of best friend in your life and sometimes your friendship widens to the majority of the people in your school. Right now, Where I live I have 5 best friends that I hang with all the time, it is our little group so to speak and we have a great time together, parties, going out etc. Yes we do get on each others nerves but we always speak our minds about each other and … Continue reading Friendship


I’ve been in love once, people use the word love left right and center and I believe I do but I know when I am in love with someone. I was in a relationship for over a year and it was going well, but then stuff started happening, stuff that would question their love for you and I tell you what that sucks. She met my family, my friends and I did with her and it was a very good relationship whilst that stuff wasn’t happening. Honestly it did make me feel like utter crap and that really did upset … Continue reading Love


Many people consider music as an inspiration others consider something to pass time. I consider music as both a mood changer, a way to make decision, a way to think about things and also an inspiration to do things. Music is my life now, every time i’m in a good mood I listen to music to enhance that and that’s the same for other moods like upset, or when I’m looking for some inspiration. Personally music has changed my life. When I was in year 7 and 8 I hit a depressed stage through being bullied and my personal life … Continue reading Music


Everyday I wish for the original family I was born with. I have always been jealous of those friends around me who have there biological father and mother. One of the most upsetting images for me is seeing a father playing in a park with his son, for example playing football or help ride a bike. Never have I really had a father figure, even one my father was around he was either working or drinking and never had anytime for me. Never have I seen him at any football match I played or actually do something with me which … Continue reading Family


Many of the world have siblings I myself have only one half sister and two step brothers. My sister is 23, and my brothers are 5 and 9. The love between siblings is pretty much tested a lot, I mean it was only 6 years ago that me and my sister had our last physical fight. Most of our fights were caused because we only had one television in the house which had sky. To avoid conflict we both decided to create a schedule where we had alternative weeks having the television. That immediately went down the drain seeing as … Continue reading Siblings


Respect is very difficult to control nowadays. You may take years to gain someones respect and then in minutes you’ve lost it all. I myself believe respect is the only way for smooth interaction amongst a social group and without it the group would fall apart. For me respect is earnt immediately from becoming friends but can be lost by something not even involving me. For instance I had a brilliant friend who not only was funny but serious too, and I had a lot of respect for him. He then started cheating on his girlfriend, as soon as I … Continue reading Respect

My Background

No one has ever lived an easy life, whether it seems easy to others, to you as a person the severity of your problems seem more than they actually are.   My life hasn’t been easy at all. As a child all I wanted was for attention and as both my parents working 24/7 I hardly got it. That has made a knock on affect to my life now, I’m very loud, funny and mainly center of attention. Two years ago I decided to have a party with friends in my old house where my dad lived. I was only … Continue reading My Background