Many decisions make life a lot tougher than expected, I have had a decision where I either lose one friend or the other and there was no way out of it. Others make it 10 times easier to do other things. But I do consider decisions you make one of the biggest aspects of life which changes it for the better or worse.

Decisions aren’t themselves are unknown but the outcome of those decisions are unknown, it is scary that to think the tiny yes or no you say could change the course of your life completely, kind of like the butterfly effect. Decisions should be taken seriously but some consider them to be a small insignificant things that they should pay little decision to but to be honest they should be given much thought and process in the hope you make the right choice to let your life take the course you would like it to.

Other decisions you make also depict whether you’ll be happy with one or the other. I was in a relationship where I wasn’t treated well and I considered all the way though that staying in the relationship was the best decision but now I know that the best decision was to leave it and I am happier than I was then.

All I can say is, take decisions more seriously rather than a comical thing where you shouldn’t care less about.

‘It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is getting off. You cannot make progress without making decisions’ – Jim Rohn


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